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Many studies have been done on how fresh fruits, nuts and fresh produce contribute to our health and well being. Or better put, it is the lack of fresh produce nowadays that has become a threat to our health. Not only do fruits, nuts and other produce provide the body with all the nutrition and vitamins it needs, but they also taste better fresh, especially farm fresh.


There has been a lot of talk about organic and naturally grown foods. They cover things from fruits and vegetables, free-range chickens and eggs, all the way to nut trees and seeds. As a husband, my goal has always been to give my family the best of everything.  This is why we started candofarms.com.  Our goal is to produce and provide nothing but the best of fresh fruit products, nuts, seeds and other organic and tasty produce.


Our family finds pleasure in sharing with your family the same quality foods we eat.  Nothing added or taken away, the way God meant it to grow.  Whether you like plain or flavored seeds and nuts, healthy fruit snacks, or make your own great traditional family dishes and baked goods using our fresh produce, rest assure you're using the finest products. Here you'll find a variety of fresh fruit snacks, seeds, nuts, plain or flavored, and other products fit for a healthy lifestyle. You may also contact us for a variety of fruit trees available to plant and grow in your own backyard.


Eat well and live happy.

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